About Bonus Bitcoin faucet

Free fauset «Bonus Bitcoin».

  • Collection every 15 minutes.
  • The ability to win from 200 to 5`000 Satoshi.
  • Daily bonus — 5% of total assets.
  • The output at any time on any Bitcoin wallet without kommisiya.
  • Referral system with 50% refback.


About claim.

Bonus Bitcoin — Bitcoin is completely free-faucet with the possibility to win up to 5`000 Satoshi every 15 minutes. Occasionally Bonus Bitcoin holds shares in honor of important dates, and the waiting time is reduced to 10 minutes.
For example, now there is a campaign in honor of Christmas:


10 min claims



About win.

Bonus Bitcoin extremely generous prizes (a screen with specific figures will be lower).
In addition, it is possible to fix the gain for the average value, which is calculated automatic, and depends on the course «BTC v USD» and advertising revenue Bonus Bitcoin.


current average


This is done as follows (this mode is to try and compare with randomly):


1. After logging on, click on the link «Change your claim settings»


claim settings 1


2. In the window put a check «Always receive the average claim amount»


claim settings 2